Practice: Colour & Curves: A Pilot Parallel Pen Workbook

I have started Colour & Curves: A Pilot Parallel Pen Workbook by Alice Young. 

I am excited to get back into some broad-pen practice.  This book is very good and thorough about the Pilot Parallel Pen. I've already got some great pointers on how to clean the pen and a few tips about books for left-handed calligraphers.  The Parallel Pen does not clog often, but getting a look into how the pen is put together and what the tools that come with the pen are for, will be nice information to pass on to my calligraphy students at Oil and Cotton.  I teach the Intro to Calligraphy class (coming up on Friday, August 17 at 6:30P) with the 2.4 mm Pilot Parallel Pen.  I get a few left handed students now and then, so any tips I can pick up to tell them are always welcome.

I have just began with exercises one and two, but can already tell this book will improve my broad-pen work.