Practice: Mastering Copperplate Calligraphy: A Step-by-Step Manual (cont.)

I am continuing in Chapter 2 by wrapping up the final section on 'Variations on the Minuscules'.  I am still struggling with even pressure and slowing down my writing, and the letter forms are pretty good, but not great. I will keep practicing. I am still practicing with pencil. I will switch back to ink to start out the capitals.

I have a class this Friday, April 13 at Oil and Cotton from 6:30-9p.  In Intro to Calligraphy we will cover warm-ups, how to hold your pen (we will be working with a classroom set of Pilot Parallel pens (2.4mm)), as well as the flourished Italic lowercase, number, and uppercase. My friend, photographer, Takisha Roberson, will be taking photos of all the action this week.  I will also bring a variety to of helpful and interesting calligraphy books.