Class This Friday and Practice: The Irene Wellington Copy Book (cont.)

Love Letters is this Friday, February 9 at 6:30-9p at Oil and Cotton.

In this class we will cover warm-ups, how to hold your pen (we will be working with a classroom set of Pilot Parallel pens (1.5 mm)), the basic Italic lowercase, number, and uppercase to enhance your own handwriting, as well as a refresher about the parts of a letter, and ideas about what to put in the letter(s). 

I will also bring a variety to of helpful and interesting calligraphy books.

Materials List:
Pilot Parallel Pens (1.5mm) (available for purchase at Oil and Cotton)
Stationary (for you to take home and available for purchase at Oil and Cotton)
Line Guides (for you to take home)
Lettering samples (for you to take home)

Please be on the look out for the Italic Calligraphy online instructional course coming this spring.  It will be a great complement to taking the class by encouraging practice, providing a refresher for information covered in class, and introducing material we cannot get to in class. 

We have one more week left with the Irene Wellington Copy Book.  I am still improving in speed. I also learned a new way to make 'Q'.  We will wrap up next week with a quick sample of the skills I picked up.